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Welcome to the The Wedding Standard Magazine! It comes from the collective overflow of love we have for our work and the real couples we get to impact each week. It is meant to be somethingtangible in a vast sea of computer screens and pixels. Searching online for the perfect service has never been easier, but therecan come with it a thin disconnect. With our curated community it is our intention to pull back the curtain and reveal the heart of our artists so that you can connect more personally with the people that will make your wedding day amazing!


verb | in·spire | \ in-'spÄ«(-e)r \

Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feelsomething, especially to do something creative.

Inspire is a verb. It's an action that when done well fills someone's heart with emotion and a motivation to engage in the beautiful art of being creative. Are you inspired? Have you dreamt up a theme, transformed a tradition, or created something unique to express your great day of coming together?