Cheers to sweet new year surprises! I'm officially a part of the wedding planning club! Amelia (myself) and Tyler (my fiancé) got engaged last Saturday at Baileyana Winery in Edna Valley. During a special date day planned by Tyler on our trip home for the weekend, Tyler had a proposal planned and the start of our forever began. Andy with Burlap and Oak Photography was there to capture each special moment.

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How We Met

"Tyler and I grew up in the same town and went to the same high school but he is two years older. We always had the same family friends, etc. but we were only around each other occasionally. We both went our separate ways for college and when I transferred home to Cal Poly he was interviewing for jobs in San Luis Obispo so he moved back to the Central Coast about a year after I did. Every time he was visiting SLO and interviewing for jobs he'd ask me on a date and it took a bit for us together because of our busy schedules but once we finally went on our first date it was like sparks flying immediately. I remember walking in my house after my date and my roommate was like "wow.. you just floated into the room". He truly is my best friend and twin flame. And I still feel that way 4 and half years later!"

Who said I love you first?

"Tyler did.. it was 4 months into us officially being together and he came home from Christmas break and that was the first time he was gone for a good chunk of time since we started dating so when he came home we were inseparable and he told me. I've only ever seen him nervous twice and it was this moment and when he proposed."

The Proposal

"We are currently living in San Diego and we were going back to SLO for his nonprofit's fundraiser walk, so he disguised it around that. He planned a day date for us the day before, and we went to brunch at Hidden Kitchen in Cayucos and then we went wine tasting at Baileyana in Edna Valley, where he proposed! As soon as we got to the winery, he was acting so nervous and quiet and I kind of had an idea of what was coming. He proposed about 10 minutes into being there and I was in so much shock I feel like I don't even remember taking these pictures because I was just in a daze."

How did you celebrate?

Afterward he took me to Lido at the Dolphin Bay for "a celebratory drink" and when we showed up all of our friends and family were there waiting to surprise me! It was such a beautiful moment. I sobbed a lot.

A Lovely Surprise Proposal at Baileyana Winery

A Lovely Surprise Proposal at Baileyana Winery

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