The air is getting crisp and the sun is setting earlier, meaning the wedding trends are morphing into all things Fall! Couples and vendors often embrace the rich and warm color palette that the season offers. Deep burgundies, rustic oranges, and earthy browns are commonly seen in floral arrangements and bridesmaid dresses. Couples are also opting for cozy and stylish attire, with grooms choosing tweed or velvet suits, while brides are leaning towards long-sleeved or lace wedding gowns. Outdoor venues and nature elements, such as vineyards, barns and orchards, remain popular choices, allowing the natural beauty of the autumn landscape to play a significant role in the decor. As for the reception, interactive food stations, warm apple cider bars, and rustic desserts like pie and s'mores are on the rise, adding an extra touch of fall charm to the celebrations.

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Current Fall Wedding Trends

Current Fall Wedding Trends

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