A Timeless Love

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July 14, 2022

Andrea Esquivel|The Wedding Standard

Darby and Ted’s classy celebration took place at a private family venue, curated by California event planners, Sisters Events. They achieved an elegant wedding with a touch of modernity making their day unique with the chic black tones and simple white florals. We can not get enough of this exquisite love story and natural beauty of the venue. Continue scrolling for some more timeless photos captured by Central California photographer Megan Welker, that we know you’ll still love decades from now!

Tells us your love story! 

"Although it can be argued that we should have met much sooner, we did not meet until we were both members of a wedding party in 2018. With mutual friends, a shared alma mater (Cal Poly), and family minutes down the road from each other in Merced fate held out until a balmy August night. Our love story was slow to start. Ted asked me out but busy with students and unsure of the tall groomsman from the wedding I politely declined. Encouraging friends, run-ins at the sale yard, some chocolate chip cookies, and Farm Show 2019 led to Ted asking me out to dinner one more time “sometime after he was finished milking”.The next year was a whirlwind. Ted was operating his dairy alone and then with one part-time employee.Now we joke that we aren’t even sure when or how we saw each other, and don’t remember much of when we did!"

The Details 

"Pre-wedding I was most excited to send out my invitations from Paper Farm Weddings. They became the basis of the feel and design of the wedding day! At the wedding, I couldn't wait to see the elegant outdoor reception I had been picturing and planning for months come together under the beautiful oak trees." 

Tell us what inspired your wedding style?

"When planning my wedding, I wanted it to feel as timeless as possible. It was important for us to have the day feel simple, classic, and elegant with a touch of modern flair."

What colors did you choose for your overall theme?

" Our overall theme was neutrals with a touch of black throughout. We chose white or tan for linens, chairs, plates etc. and incorporated touches of black including our wedding party outfits, napkins, invitations, and my shoes!"

Memorable Moments

"We had a traditional Catholic mass ceremony, so the first time we kneeled together at the altar and whispered together before we became husband and wife is a moment I will never forget. During our reception one of my cousins convinced me to let him flip me in the air during swing dancing-I'm hoping that's caught on video!"

First Date Story

"When Ted and I went on our first date, he was still milking his cows alone every day morning and night. This meant that our first date couldn't start until he was done milking in the evening. He picked me up for our first date and the plan was to go to Baskin Robbins to have ice cream. When we arrived at Baskin Robbins they had shut down early for the night! I suggested we head across the street to smart and final and pick up some ice cream to eat together while we drove around and talked. We went to smart and final only to find out that the smallest quantity they sold plastic spoons in was 100. Ted saved the rest of the bag of plastic spoons from that first date, and three years later a few days before our wedding, he asked me if we could use two of those same plastic spoons he had saved to eat our first dessert together as husband and wife. We have enough spoons for many anniversaries to go!"

What was the most challenging part about planning your wedding?

"Balancing finances and the opinions of others. There is a fine line between "It's just one day" and "You only do this once!" when planning - trying to balance that with opinions & what is most meaningful to you as a couple can be difficult."

A Timeless Love

A Timeless Love

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