Halter Ranch, a Paso Robles winery wedding venue, is not only the perfect vineyard landscape to say 'I Do" on the Central Coast, but it is a place that brought people together for the Halter Ranch Venue Launch and The Wedding Standard magazine preview. Guests got to see a sneak peak of the highlights from the magazine which is launching soon and experience this great venue in all of its wine country glory. The theme of the night was "INSPIRATION" which was perfectly reflected through the stunning setting and every beautiful detail that each and every vendor worked together to create. With incredible designing and planning by Lovelyfest Event Design, stunning florals by Idlewild Floral and rentals from All About Events and Avenue Twelve, the night was captured in amazing detail by Anna Delores Photography.

The Historic Halter Ranch, west of Paso Robles, California in the heart of the Adeilaida District, combines rustic and elegant to create a charming property that has been restored and fully retro-fitted for weddings. With the property dating back to the 1800s, the historic buildings, restored barn and silos all boast an authentic rustic charm that is definitive to this venue. The property is complete with great amenities such as a bridal suite and a fully equipped commercial kitchen, and the winery showcases its tasteful wines from their classic yet inventive production and sustainable farming practices.

Encompassed by native oak trees and the fresh wine country air, guests dined on the silo patio under twinkle lights as course after course was served with food by Trumpet Vine Catering and drinks flowed with Halter Ranch wines, Sidecar cocktails, and Tap Truck beers. From the talented work from all vendors involved, the breathtaking views of Halter Ranch, and the community of friends in the wedding industry, it was a night where everyone left truly inspired. 

From TWS founder, Cameron Ingalls: 

Inspiration is everywhere. It can be found during a conversation with a friend, on a hike up a mountain, over a planning meeting about your wedding, and during those rare few minutes in the day when you are alone in your thoughts. 

here is the definition of the word INSPIRE:


  1. Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Inspire is a verb. It's an action that when done well fills someone's heart with emotion and a motivation to engage in the beautiful art of being creative. Are you inspired? Have you dreamt up a theme, transformed a tradition, or created something unique to express your great day of coming together?

From the designers, Lovelyfest, on the VISION for the event:

"We wanted a moody, intimate dinner party bursting with various textures and colors. Since we knew this was going to be a party with our peers, we wanted to go outside of the box and plan something different than the current wedding trends. We wanted to push the envelope on style and color. We knew we could have more fun and create an exciting palette!"

With TWS Magazine launching soon, the highlight pages were torn from various articles and displayed on a wall so guests could get a sneak preview!

The insanely talented and creative sister duo Natalie and Stephanie of Lovelyfest Event Design absolutely rocked the event with their beautiful design and planning to make every detail come together perfectly.

Where did your design inspiration come from?

"Our inspiration came from the venue itself: Halter Ranch. We brought out the color of the Silos with a rich teal blue, which complemented them and brought out their beautiful texture. The property has a beautiful, upscale vibe, rich with history. We brought out the richness by using velvet linens throughout. Another inspiration was the current color blocking trend. We don't see it much in weddings yet, but we absolutely love it in other aspects of design. We decided we wanted to switch up the chair colors, because why not? Why stick to one chair color or style? We also changed up the napkin color, and color blocked those with the chair selections! White chairs got mauve napkins and copper chairs got white napkins. The result was fresh and fun and different!"

Bessy the Foto Bus was a hit of the night for guests to take photos inside of the vintage VW bus!

Vintage trucks + local craft beers make up the Tap Truck which is a fun addition to any party!

Describe 1 or 2 details that you were most excited about.

"Details are our favorite! We designed and created all of the signage for the event. We created a cohesive look that complimented the venue. All of the signage was painted white with black writing to give it a fresh, modern look. Halter Ranch is an amazing mixture of historic spaces mixed with up to date amenities, so we really wanted to bring our modern style to the space. Another detail we were really excited about was the menus we created for each place setting. Trumpet Vine Catering had a fun menu of tapas family style courses and we wanted to highlight that with a beautiful menu! We took different textures like vellum, black, marble gold and white paper and created a booklet style menu complete with custom colored silk tassels, color blocked of course with each chair and napkin combo!"

From the delicious appetizers to the extravagant courses served, Trumpet Vine Catering did an amazing job to make everything look and taste incredible! 

Sweet treats by Paper Cake Events were a hit of the night with choices of delectable mini eclairs and darling french macarons.

Continued from Cameron Ingalls: 

Not only can you benefit from TWS' inspiring posts, but you have the influence to inspire other couples much like yourselves. You even have the power to inspire the artists and venues who make their living producing beautiful weddings each weekend. Don't be afraid to be yourselves. To do your wedding your way. Draw from various sources of inspiration, but make the day your own. Your family and friends will appreciate an authentic expression of your love story. That will truly inspire! 

Oh! And the word inspire has a second definition that I find real interesting.

     2. breathe in (air); inhale.


Together let's make the exchange of inspiration as natural as breathing oxygen. After all, we all need it for creativity to thrive!

Check out the whole night by watching the video by Steelhead Cinema below!

Halter Ranch Venue Launch

Halter Ranch Venue Launch

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