After growing up in the same neighborhood only 10 minutes from each other, Kristen and Grant didn't meet until they both ventured off to college and started their love story at Cal Poly. The two were destined to be together, and their wedding day was full of love and support from their large group of friends and family from both their college and hometown. I was excited to hear from the San Luis Obispo photographer Poppy and Vine, who happened to be friends with the couple and showcased their spectacular details in these photos.

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The Couple's Vision

"Kristen & Grant grew up in the same hometown, Danville, literally ten minutes from each other, but didn't meet until they came to Cal Poly. Their wedding was both nostalgic as it reflected so much of their upbringing, and a celebration of the community they've made together. They wanted their photos to capture where they grew up- they got ready at each of their childhood homes, we took photos in one of the local parks, and their venue had stunning views of the iconic Mount Diablo. They also wanted a gallery full of candid photos of all their people celebrating, especially the dance floor photos!"

The Details

"One of the details we were most excited about was the bridal party- All the bridesmaids and groomsmen make up one big friend group, and Kristen & Grant are the second couple in the group to get married. We got to photograph the first wedding in the group last year, so coming back to photograph Kristen & Grant's wedding was like one big happy reunion with this lively group!

Another detail was the classic Mustang Grant rented as their getaway car- We always love when couples add classic cars as a touch in their wedding day, and it was so fun to photograph Kristen & Grant walking out of the church and driving away together. The whole moment had a very nostalgic feel, and they also got to enjoy some time just the two of them as they drove in style over to their reception!"

Memorable Moments

"Moments that stood out to us was the emotion!! There were so many happy tears throughout the day, especially from Kristen & Grant's bridal party. The sweetest moment was when everyone walked out of the church after the ceremony, and a giant, teary group hug ensued!

Also, the dance party! Literally everyone (grandmas, parents, friends) was on the dance floor all night. Kristen & Grant made so many close friendships at Cal Poly, and everyone showed up ready to have fun! We got to dance with so many fun people that night!"

The Design

"Kristen & Grant are two of the most laid back, kind, and generous people, but are so fun to be around at the same time. Their design was very low-key just like them, but also lent itself to the incredible dance party that followed all the formality of the day!"

Were there any challenges you had to overcome on the day of the wedding?

"Traveling for weddings always throws an interesting element into the mix, especially when you're somewhere you're completely unfamiliar with! Working with vendors you don't know and location scouting the night before/the morning of a wedding can be a challenge, but an adventurous and rewarding one at that!"

Kristen and Grant's Inevitable Love Story

Kristen and Grant's Inevitable Love Story

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