We’re falling head over heels over Paulina and Connor’s elegant and intimate wedding. With the naturally beautiful venue landscaping and classic blush, gold, and green color scheme they were able to achieve their whimsical wedding fantasy. The romantic outdoor reception was held at the historic Atascadero wedding venue, Portola Inn, including San Luis Obispo wedding photographer, Lacey Moranville as she captured this golden summer day! 

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Wedding Planning Inspiration

"Connor and I are very simple and wanted our marriage to be the center of the wedding day. We also had a deep desire to ensure all of our guests had a great time and felt loved. With those goals in mind, we opted for a smaller, more intimate wedding that was simple. I was also inspired by my dress, which turned out to be blush. I then crafted the other elements of the wedding to go with the blush theme and capture the feeling of "spring turned summer," since our wedding day was positioned during that time period."

The Details

"Getting married to my best friend was what I was most excited about! Second to that, I think it was having family and friends from different walks of life gathered together to celebrate love and spark joy, which is needed more than ever in our world today."

Memorable Moments

"Connor and I did a "first touch" before the ceremony that not only calmed nerves, but also felt so intimate. Nothing will compare to having that 1-on-1 time before walking down the aisle! In addition to the first touch, Connor and I will never forget eating together at the sweet heart table during the reception. We love food and our best memories together are dinners/different meals we've shared. It's very "us" and it was definitely the most memorable meal we've ever shared." 

Advice for new couples?

"Don't forget about the reason for the whole day- You're getting married and declaring your love and promise to each other in front of friends and family! Comparison is the main killer of joy during the wedding planning process."

What was the most challenging part about planning your wedding?

"Comparison! I definitely struggled with comparison and comparing my wedding to others I'd see on social media."


Tells us your love story!

"Connor and I worked together at the university health center at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for about two years, but it wasn't until the Summer of 2019 that our "love story" began. I was returning from studying abroad in Spain and after the first day at work, I was confident in working the front desk, but Connor was still scheduled to work with me for a few more days. With less "training" to do, those next couple of days were filled with laughter, jokes, and a million questions to get to know each other better. A week later, Connor asked me out on a dinner date with some fish tacos.  In reality, I don't like fish tacos, but I ate two of them just for him. After that first date, the rest was history. We dated for 2 years and then on June 18, 2021, Connor proposed to me on Moonstone Beach in Cambria, CA. It was so beautiful and perfectly us. We sat on the sand and watched the surfers in the water. Then, Connor handed me a book he created that told our love story, with the last page asking, "Will you marry me?" I said yes and I was the happiest girl in the world. We relished in that post-engagement excitement and found out our dream venue, Portola Inn, had an opening one June 18, 2022- one year exactly from our engagement!"

Falling Head over Heels for the Hatfields

Falling Head over Heels for the Hatfields

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