From start to finish, you want your wedding day to be remarkable, memorable, and photogenic. If you are still searching for your "reception, night-ending wow" factor, here's the latest trend: have your guest create a sparkler tunnel for your late-night send-off!

To make sure you get a dazzling exit, choose a quality sparkler. With so many options and sizes, we recommend knowing what you're ordering and how much time you're truly buying, because you only want the best ending for your happily ever after!

Take a look at our little sparkler rundown.

Different Sizes for Different Durations

10-Inch Sparklers

The shorter sparkler is ideal for an intimate, small wedding party. With closer proximity in a smaller tunnel, a 10-inch sparkler will give a 35-second burn time. Immaculate for a quick photo backdrop!

20-Inch Sparklers

A slightly longer guest tunnel will require the 20-inch sparklers to give you more time for walking. With a 20-inch sparkler, you'll get a 1.5 to 2-minute burn time, which would be perfect to live in the moment of your glowing send-off.

36-Inch Sparklers

If you expect more than 200+ loving family and friends to be at the end of your reception, you should opt for a longer burn time. With 36-inch sparklers and more amazing people to send you off, you'll maintain a 3.5 to 4-minute burn time.

Heart-Shaped Sparklers

For those who want to stray away from traditional sparklers, you can add some ambiance to your wedding exit with a romantic heart shape option. With a shorter runtime, you will only have 50 seconds to walk down the send-off tunnel, but you will have outstanding photographs!

Sparkler Options for the Ultimate Wedding Send-Off

Sparkler Options for the Ultimate Wedding Send-Off

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