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As you creep closer to your wedding day, it is time to start dialing in your bridal beauty routine so you are looking and feeling your best, and what a great excuse for self care! Working on your beauty routine will give you the practice to to nail down your day-of look and reduce your stress. 

Work On Your Skin Routine

Whether you are adding in a retinol cream, exfoliating, putting on sunscreen everyday, or moisturizing, start focusing on your skin routine and learning what works best with your skin. If you have no idea what you are doing and would like to know more, consider seeing a dermatologist or an esthetician for an exact skin regimen.

Manage Your Stress 

While sometimes it seems easier said than done, working on managing your stress will benefit your beauty routine. Stress can weaken your immune system, increase inflammation, and can lead to a lack of rest. If you take little steps to decrease your stress, like attending your favorite workout class every week, or introducing meditation into your daily schedule, you can decrease your stress levels.

Laser Hair Removal 

If you are considering doing laser hair removal for your wedding day, be prepared to book in advance. Most hair removal treatments require two to six treatments to be successful, with a month in-between each treatment. 

Beauty Trials 

Before selecting your day-of look, check out inspiration online and experiment to figure out what you like and don't like. Once you have a better idea, book your trials with your hair and makeup artist to test out the look. Pro tip, try and book your trial on the same day as your engagement session, or go out to a special dinner!

Additionally, start testing out different nail colors and looks for the big day.


If you will be getting a spray tan for your wedding, make sure to do a test run in advance so you know what you like (you don't want to show up to your wedding looking orange!). You can also do an at home version with a tanning mousse or lotion.

Teeth Whitening 

Similar to the hair removal, you will need to book your teeth whitening appointments in advance since you will likely need to attend multiple appointments. You can also opt for an at home teeth whitening kit. 

Hair Treatments

Make sure to get all hair color treatments and trims two weeks in advance of your wedding. This will give you enough time in between to make any adjustments if needed or let is grow enough to look natural.


Exfoliate your skin, head to toe. This will help create that radiant look, by evening out your skin tone and leaving your skin looking fresh and hydrated.


Two weeks before your wedding, get your eyebrows waxed, trimmed and shaped. On the day of your wedding, you can pluck any stray hairs. 


A week before the wedding, treat yourself to  a moisturizing and brightening facial. TO keep this more budget friendly, opt for an at home facial. 

Starting your Bridal Beauty Routine

Starting your Bridal Beauty Routine

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