Indulgence meets celebration in the sweetest union imaginable with Negranti Creamery's ice cream service tailored for weddings. As couples embark on their journey of love, every detail of their special day deserves to be nothing short of extraordinary. You can have an elegant array of artisanal flavors, meticulously crafted to complement the joyous occasion. From classic favorites to inventive creations, the Negranti Creamery ice cream truck adds a touch of whimsy and charm to the festivities, creating cherished memories that linger long after the last bite. I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner about this delectable wedding addition!

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Can you describe the variety of ice cream flavors and treats you offer?

"Negranti Creamery offers a wide variety of Sheep Milk Ice Cream! From wholesome classics like Vanilla Bean and Chocolate to our customer favorite Crazy Cookie (for the kid in us all)! We also offer cookies for ice cream sandwiches, homemade waffle chips + waffle cones!"

How do you customize your services to fit each wedding's theme or preferences?

"We work closely with our brides and grooms to ensure that what they want is captured. From the menu choices to meeting special requests and incorporating their themes into our set up we aim to give an exemplary service that is personal."

What sets your dessert apart from others in the industry?

"What sets Negranti Creamery a part is our Sheep Milk Ice Cream. Sheep Milk is an A2 milk protein which is easier to digest than your traditional cow's milk ice cream. Sheep milk is higher in protein and has a sweet flavor profile. Light and refreshing on the pallet. We select wholesome ingredients wherever possible. There are no additives or stabilizers in our ice cream - which makes it a treat you don't feel guilty eating!"

Can you share a memorable moment from a wedding where your ice cream was featured?

"Being able to provide a product that brings joy to people who aren't able to enjoy traditional ice cream, is a major highlight for us. Aside from the health benefits, being able to provide an experience that embodies nostalgia for our weddings and joy, that is the ultimate highlight for us."

What advice do you have for couples considering having an ice cream truck at their wedding?

"Somethings to consider would be a power source, we would need an outlet to plug into otherwise we'd be operating our generator which can be loud, so noise impact on certain aspects of the ceremony, etc. Any special notes you'd like featured on the menu or just the timeline of your ice cream experience."


How do you ensure a smooth experience for couples and guests on the wedding day?

"Communication and understanding around ours and the bride and grooms expectations are extremely important. We are incredibly responsive and will provide as much clarity as possible to ensure their special day is as smooth and seamless as possible! We're dessert, we're meant to be the easy part of the day!"

Do you offer special packages or add-ons for weddings?

"We offer packages based on guest count for our Ice Cream Cart and our Ice Cream Truck! For add-on's we have all kinds of sweet things from our cookie options for ice cream sandwiches to our homemade waffle cones!"

How far in advance should couples book your services for their wedding?

"We are booking into 2025 currently! For Spring to Early Summer and Fall Weddings, as early as possible to secure their special day!"

Finally, what do you believe is the biggest appeal of having your truck at a wedding celebration?

"Who doesn't love being taken back to the summers of our childhood? An ice cream truck provides such a joyful and wholesome experience for wedding guests and a pretty special photo op for the bride and groom, too!"

Sweet Celebrations with Negranti Creamery

Sweet Celebrations with Negranti Creamery

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