Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, snowflakes that stay on our nose and eyelashes, pearly white details and sparkles that gleam, these are a few of our favorite things! Take from the book of Julie Andrews this holiday season and find your perfect winter wedding dress.

After some extensive research into what bride's like to wear in the winter, we have narrowed down some of our favorite looks that accentuates all kinds of seasonal feels. San Luis Obispo bridal shop Moondance Bridal and San Luis Obispo bridal shop Untamed Petals both have some incredible detailed pieces that completely compliment a bride while also fitting into dream themes perfectly.

Keep scrolling to read what we've gathered to be perfectly fit for the winter.

Dresses by Moondance Bridal

Classic Crepe

Starting off with classic looks, Crepe material dresses have an elegant and chic look to them whether you are including designer buttons on the back, or an off the shoulder look, it doesn't fail to portray an elegance that matches perfectly with holiday themed decor and sparkling champagne.

Dresses by Moondance Bridal

Intricate Lace and Long Trains

Nothing fits with winter more than lacy details with a long dramatic train. Imagine walking down an aisle dripping in luxury and twinkle lights with a look like this. Much like a snowflake, the intricate details of these dresses hold tiny elements of beauty that portray a beautiful design in the bigger picture.

Dresses by Moondance Bridal

Silky and Satin

Silky, satin and suave dresses not only give you comfort and more mobility but it portrays delicate beauty, allowing you the option to choose a simple and elegant look or layer on accessories.

Dress by Untamed Petals
Dresses by Moondance Bridal

Fancy Chiffon and Tulle

Fun and flirty chiffon dresses or tulle dresses are always a unique choice. They showcase a stunning and dramatic look that reminds you of snow on mountaintops - bold, powerful and beautiful.

Dresses by Untamed Petals

Winter Bridal Dresses

Winter Bridal Dresses

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