There 'ain't no mountain high enough' for Michele and James. 19 miles on foot, 14 hours hiking, 10 speeches, 2 days, and one bride and groom makes for the most beautiful wedding you'll ever see. Michele and James tied the knot on a glorious mountaintop after a long trek on an enchanting hike. The incredibly talented Washington elopement photographers Adventure and Vow Photography were there every step of the way and captured each beautiful moment. The couple's raw, authentic love shines through their photography and the backdrop leaves you speechless. I had the pleasure of interviewing the photographers about the unique, adventurous day.

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How did you utilize your skills and experience to make your couples vision come to life?

"We specialize and work exclusively in outdoor elopement style weddings, so we are always ready and willing to work around whatever nature throws our way (safely of course). You name it, we're an all in kind of team. While we aren't wilderness guides, we have a ton of personal experience from the mountain tops down to the desert floors. And of course years of experience solely in photography. Traci started when she was 12, has her BFA in photography, and also used to photograph for the PGA."

What were some details about the wedding that you were most excited about?

"The surreal intimacy at a location that is normally swamped with people, and a couple willing to push through discomfort to work towards a higher (literally over 5200 feet of elevation gain) goal."

What were some moments from the wedding day that stuck out to you?

"We photograph a lot of wedding ceremonies, the rawness of their day had us both in tears. How connected they were to one another and how they worked together through the hike."

How did this wedding differ from any other wedding you've done?

"This is the longest hike with the most elevation gain we've done with a couple. Despite the long miles, it was so peaceful."

How did the wedding design express the couples love story?

"They're just real and their love displayed that way. They didn't need external sources for their story to come through."

Were there any challenges you had to overcome on the day of the wedding?

"Yes, hours and hours of hard hiking with lots of camera gear. Bill carries all that though :). Creating an equally amazing Plan B wasn't a challenge per say, but thankfully the couple understood you can't control nature and as such jumped into the shift in plans with enthusiasm."

19 Miles On Foot, 14 hours Hiking, 10 Speeches, 2 days, One Bride and Groom

19 Miles On Foot, 14 hours Hiking, 10 Speeches, 2 days, One Bride and Groom

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