Wedding cakes with a magical touch of florals this summer season will create an overall cohesive aesthetic on your special day. There are many options to choose from when incorporating flowers, here we chose to showcase just 5 beautiful cakes. We love how the created florals complement the textured icing appearance and taste just as great. Fresh flowers are also a perfect way to take your cake to the next level, keeping a simple but elegant look. Whether edible or not, I think we can all agree these florals take the cake!

Photographed by Alicia Lucia, Florals by Renegade Floral, Cake by Chocolate Maven

Cake by Anna Lewis Cake Design

Cake by Gabriel Diaz

Photography by Jessica Jaccarino, Cake by Heritage & Co.

Cake by Autumncakedesign

Floral design by Celiodesign

5 Wedding Cake ideas Incorporating Summer Florals

5 Wedding Cake ideas Incorporating Summer Florals

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