Kacie and Brendon are all set to tie the knot this year and have had a blissful time being engaged and prepping for the big day! As if this couple couldn't get any more adorable, their stunning engagement shoot was captured in sunny Santa Barbara by the talented Sarah Vendramini Photography. With the coastal landscape and unique Spanish style streets of SB, the engagement gallery looks like an authentic California love story.

Keep scrolling to see the photos and read about Kacie and Brendon's love story.

Tell us how you met! Was it love at first sight?

"We met while at a friends house in college and instantly were attracted to each other. As we kept running into each other on campus the crush became more serious. We quickly became best friends, and by the time we officially went out it was love on the first date!"

Who said I love you first? What was that moment like?

"Brendon said I love you first. He initially said he thought it best to wait a while before saying it, so when he did so soon it completely took me by surprise. We were studying at a coffee shop and chatting about love languages and he just said it. I (kacie) was in shock and so flustered and when I could finally talk again I said it back. We then drove around neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights and singing love songs."

Tell us about the proposal! What were the behind the scenes moments before the big question?

"He had been designing a custom ring since November. In January we started talking about when we actually wanted to get married and what that would look like, and I assumed we would go ring shopping soon. I kept hinting at going ring shopping and was so confused when he kept delaying it- since the time we had loosely agreed on getting engaged was approaching! I was stressed because I had never tried on any rings and only sent two pictures of rings I liked to him, but didn't know if I would actually love them on my finger. I'm also very particular with my taste in jewlery so it was a lot of me bugging him to go shopping and him getting creative with excuses. Everybody in the world knew the day he was proposing and I'm so shocked nobody gave it away. He proposed at a water lantern festival just like in tangled and it was perfect. The ring was a complete surprise and the most stunning thing I had ever seen. I still have no idea how he designed it so perfectly for me. I love it so much because it's completely unique. He was so intentional with the design and says that it captures me in a piece of jewelry."

How did you celebrate after the proposal?

"We went to Burger King that night and drove up to my parents house the next day to celebrate. That night, his parents flew in to surprise us and we had an amazing engagement party with all our loved ones."

Do you have plans for your wedding yet? Tell us all about it.

"We're getting married March 22nd at Oyster Ridge in Santa Margarita. We couldn't be more excited to party and celebrate the biggest day of our lives with our loved ones who have been there for us throughout our whole relationship."

Who is your talented photographer?

"Sarah Vendramini. She's seriously the best. She's done two of my best friends weddings and her ability to not only command a wedding party and organize the flow of the whole day, but to make the couple feel so at ease and comfortable makes the experience of the day incredible. Her pictures are phenomenal and she's so fun to be around."

Authentic Love in Sunny Santa Barbara

Authentic Love in Sunny Santa Barbara

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