Out of all the important wedding look moments, one of the most memorable that can determine your entire look is your hair. Whether it's an elegant updo, an effortlessly flawless wave, or an intricate braid, the hairstyle and makeup's sole purpose is to compliment the dress. There are so many stunning hairdo's trending this year and I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa with San Luis Obispo beauty salon Beautique Hair and Makeup.

Keep scrolling to see Lisa's take on the latest wedding hairstyle trends!

What are some of the current popular wedding hairstyle trends you've noticed?

"Whether it's an up or down-style, we have been seeing alot of inspo-pictures with braids incorporated into the style. Braids are still in, and a great way to add texture to a bridal updo."

How do you stay up to date with the latest wedding hairstyle trends?

"Following other artists and educators is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest trends. Seeing what other brides, artists, and educators are doing keeps us up-to-date and keeps us creative!"

Are there any specific hair accessories or adornments that are in demand for wedding hairstyles?

"I haven't noticed a specific trend this year. Although, most of our brides have had some kind of hair accessory. A bridal clip or hair accessory is a great way to bring an updo to life and help the hairstyle stand out.  Hair accessories don't have to be dramatic- they can be simple too. Most brides know what they want, but for the brides that don't have a clear vision, I do like to try a few bridal clips that we have in our salon to compare her look, with and without any hair accessories. Most of the time, they do want the hair accessory added! So far this year we have seen headbands, floral hair pieces, pearls, and traditional bridal clips."

How do you personalize wedding hairstyles to suit each individual bride?

"Having a consultation beforehand gets us on the same page. We require hair trials for this reason. We ask that the bride bring lots of inspiration pictures to her trial, along with her veil, hair accessories, pictures of her dress, etc. Having a consultation and pictures to reference, gives us an idea of her vision and what style would best suit our client . Then, it's time to figure out how we can bring it to life! We have to take into consideration the natural hair length, texture, and hair density. Sometimes the inspiration picture may not be realistic to achieve with their natural hair. In that case, there are ways around it, such as hair extensions and other hair products and tools to help us achieve the desired look!"

Current Wedding Hairstyle Trends

Current Wedding Hairstyle Trends

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