Watch Paso Robles wedding planner Elle Render Events turn a quaint beach town event to an effortlessly chic wedding whose details speak incredible volumes for this couple's wedding day. Unique aspects such as having no florals and heavy candle focus, this classy look is inspiring to those looking for an elegant beach balance. California photographer Duey Photography captured each moment beautifully. I had the pleasure of hearing all the wonderful details from the bride, Isabella.

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Their Love Story

"Dylan and I have a mutual love for fitness and met at our gym in DC. We got to know each other after post lifting session dates and soon fell in love. After several months of dating I moved to London to study while Dylan pursued his MBA in DC. Dylan sent me flowers and cute care packages from all the way across the ocean! Long distance made our communication skills rock solid. Dylan proposed in our favorite place, Malibu, a year after we moved to LA during the pandemic."

The Inspiration

"Dylan and I generally love a clean, minimalistic, but also bold aesthetic. We chose visual elements that highlighted instead of distracted from the natural beauty of our venue in order to let the stunning views be the star of the show. We absolutely love California's central coast but the typical wedding style in the area is more woodsy barn-style which didn't resonate with us. Jennifer Render helped us select vendors which brought to life our vision for a punchy, chic, and elevated coastal vibe."

Color Palette

"All neutral everything! Cream, white, black and metallics are the colors that make my brain happy. We expressed our personal style through embracing elements like sleek and clean lines complemented by intentional lighting rather than relying on a specific color palette."

The Details

"One of the biggest splurges for our wedding was the MirMir PhotoBooth which was SO worth it. MirMir has technology which uses proprietary software to make everyone look like a movie star. I mean, what better wedding favor for a guest than a picture of themselves where they look stunning? Plus, their sleek black and white vibe fit our modern and minimalist aesthetic perfectly. Ultimately our focus was on the guest experience - throughout the process I focused on the 5 senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell and how we could enhance the guest experience through those. For example, my bridesmaids helped set up several essential oil diffusers which wafted a blend of Neroli, Palo Santo, Lavender & Bergamot through the air. The lotion and hand soap in the restroom were made up of the same scents too. These are the kind of details that likely few noticed, but were super satisfying to me! We also inserted some pop culture details here and there - Dylan chose Kanye's "Lord I Need You" for our first dance and I gifted my bridesmaids 90s vibe Skims boxer briefs and braletes instead of robes for getting ready. Our guest book was a Taschen coffee table book of LA - a nod to our home. I also insisted on what I call "Gossip Girl wine glasses" aka modo glassware because when I first saw those glasses on the show they apparently made a mark on my adolescent brain. Another detail I loved was the lighting. I knew Jennifer Render was the right planner for us when she agreed that one of the most important elements of wedding decor is the lighting. Our tables cape was comprised of ONLY candles. We had no florals or extra decor, just hundreds of candles packed into the center of our banquet tables making for a striking visual effect and ethereal glow on our guests faces. As the sun set during dinner, the clear structure housing the tables was glowing like a jewel box on the cliff. The reception area was primarily lit by twinkling string lights overhead and firelight from the cozy gas fireplaces. This combined with the sound of the crashing waves in the background made for the perfect ambiance."

Memorable Moments

"Dylan and I walked hand in hand down the aisle (to instrumental Lana Del Rey of course) which was a detail that felt very authentic to us as we wanted to veer away from the traditional concept of being escorted by a parent. Reflecting on that moment now, it fills me with joy to remember the excitement we felt as we joined hands and embarked on this significant commitment together. We didn't rigidly plan the toast portion of dinner which meant it inadvertently turned into an open-mic situation! That combined with plenty of drinks could've turned into a disaster but actually ended up being a blast. Dylan and I felt so much love as friends and family spontaneously came up to the mic to tell anecdotes, jokes, and memories straight from the heart! I'm sure most wedding planners would've been stressed about the timeline with this kind of organic development but Jennifer pivoted to help it all go off without a hitch."

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planning their wedding?

"The best advice I can give is to ask for others' opinions sparingly. Don't let your unique vision become diluted by people who can't think outside of the box. People thought I was crazy for wanting NO FLORALS (literally the only flowers were the ones I carried in my hands) and to this day our candles-only decor is one of my favorite elements of our wedding."

Cliffside Chic Wedding in Cayucos

Cliffside Chic Wedding in Cayucos

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