A bohemian bridal shower is perfect for any soon-to-be bride, who embraces a free-spirited mindset, loves the outdoors, and doesn't shy away from expressing it! If you choose just the right colors and eclectic design, your bridal shower will have all your guests excited and talking! Boho events are typically held outdoors, and with fall approaching, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the cooler weather! 

Now, you may have your heart set on a boho bridal shower but are intimidated to start the planning process. If you want to put your mind at ease, you've come to the right place! I've curated a short list of boho decor essentials vital to making any bridal shower a beautiful success. While you take notes, you can view Event Planner Olive + Grace Events' latest boho bridal shower masterpiece. Filled with colored stemware, a wide array of florals, and colorful linen, you will gather some great inspiration!

Peek at our list of boho decor tips below!

1. Select the Perfect Warm Color Palette 

The ideal palette for a bohemian bridal shower can vary, because there are so many beautiful colors to incorporate. If you need help narrowing down your options, you can start with warm hues. Any tones reflecting the earth are perfect, and they pair well with accent colors like gold or neutrals!

2. Choose Eye-Catching Floral Adornments 

Floral arrangements can speak for themselves, and can be truly stunning. In this bridal shower, the florals reap of neutrals, but they still manage to burst and bring life to this boho event. The florals are the perfect mix of dried and natural elements and featured throughout the event. Choosing the right florals to adorn your event can be super important and eye-catching! 

3. Get Creative with your Boho Photo Backdrop 

This bridal shower has the perfect inspiration for a stunning photo backdrop. Note the elecletic combination of wooded arches, customized rust draping, and the fun inclusion of wild balloons. This whimsical background is fun and ideal for capturing stunning bridal shower images. Choose to have an extravagant photo spot or keep it simple, it is all up to you, but your guest are sure to love it.

4. Make Choosing your Seating Fun

Choosing chairs might not sound like the most interesting part of the shower planning process, but it can be! At this bridal shower, guest found themselves swooning over and sitting on totally-cute rattan chairs. This choice elevated the party, and added a perfect bohemian touch! Make chairs fun, and find a whimsical design you love. 

5. Choose Colorful or Textured Linen

Instead of having plain white table clothes, instead you might want to add in some color or texture! The tables of this bridal shower used tan-hued table linen to bring cohesiveness to the party! Another fun option could be to include a variety of colors or textured linen to add more personality to the boho affair. This is just another great way to add color into the special event!  

6. Get Eclectic with your Boho Table Settings 

Let your boho bridal shower embrace the freedom of nature through and matching! The best way to do this is to get eclectic with selecting your table settings. In this intimate bridal shower, the minimal, white plates are paired with colorful, brightly-hued stemware, but are kept chic with plain gold silverware. This stunning tablescape perfectly combines pops of color and neutral blooms. Don't be afraid to mix it up! 

Decor Essentials for Executing a Boho Bridal Shower

Decor Essentials for Executing a Boho Bridal Shower

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