Tia and Peter's wedding at the Paso Robles wedding venue Glunz Family Winery was the ultimate elegant explosion. With a black and white checkered dance floor, disco balls, vibrant pops of color in the floral design and sparkly guest attire, the couple had a vision and it was perfectly executed by Paso Robles wedding coordinator Elle Render Events. The modern design mixed with retro details were a highlight of the event and captured beautifully by San Luis Obispo wedding photographer Poppy and Vine. I had the pleasure of interviewing Katie with Poppy and Vine to get the insight on this special day.

Keep scrolling to see hear the unique details of their gorgeous wedding day.

The Details

How did you utilize your skills and experience to make your couples vision come to life?

"Tia & Peter came to California from Chicago with all their friends and family to throw a vibrant celebration of their marriage! Tia envisioned their day to be full of color and joy, and our vibrant/colorful photography style complimented it perfectly. Tia & Peter aren't big fans of the overly posed wedding photography look, and were also drawn to our candid, photojournalistic style."

How did the wedding design express the couples love story?

"The couple included photos of their dog on every table!! Tia is a firecracker of a human and the colors chosen in the flowers, the inviting dance floor, the disco balls tastefully placed throughout the reception space, her shoes (!!!) all were very evident of the energy she carries. Peter is very much the grounding side of her, but also has the greatest laugh you'll ever hear! Altogether these two are fun and perfect complements to each other, and the mix of color, tasteful vintage touches, and the modern look of black and white details tied their personalities and vision together perfectly."

Memorable Moments

Describe details about the wedding that you were most excited about

" The clear reception tent, checkerboard dance floor, and the vibrant orange/pink/yellow floral design."

Describe moments from the wedding day that stuck out to you

"Tia's childhood German choir teacher's band performed for the first half of the reception, complete with her teacher covering "99 Red Balloons" and everyone going absolutely nuts!"

How did this wedding differ from any other wedding you've done?

"Midwest wedding culture is just wildly different from the west coast weddings we're used to seeing! Everyone came to party. The magic of the clear tent, the vibrant energy to match the decor, the live band who brought a party unlike anything I'd ever seen before! The whole day was so full of fun and joy (as evidenced by the dance floor photos!)"

Were there any challenges you had to overcome on the day of the wedding?

"I think we've grown so used to capturing weddings of couples from the west coast, so adapting to the style of a midwest wedding was interesting! It really was so different from the expectations the couple/their families had to the flow of events! It was fun to learn how people from Chicago do weddings!"

Tia & Peter's Rehearsal Dinner

Tia and Peter's Elegant Explosion

Tia and Peter's Elegant Explosion

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