This intimate styled shoot elopement in Santa Barbara showcased that you don't need a large wedding to be extravagant in your theme. The decor was casted with bright color tones to accentuate the golden hour that was descending over the water, and the food was as delectable as it was aesthetic. Bright Young Things Events put to life this gorgeous day and delivered a dream. I had the pleasure of hearing from the design coordinator about the big day.

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The Vision

"Our team captured the essence of a dreamy, bohemian wedding set against the breathtaking bluffs of Santa Barbara. The color scheme, drawing from a muted yet vivid rainbow palette, is heavily influenced by the warm, rich hues of sunset, reflecting both the serenity and vibrancy of the inspirational painting of Peru's Rainbow Mountain. Elements such as a delicate, boho-inspired lace bridal gown, eclectic and colorful table settings merging spring and fall motifs, and the serene ocean backdrop all come together to create an enchanting, picturesque celebration of love at the Great Meadow."

The Inspiration

"A painting that I saw of the Rainbow Mountain in Peru."

The Details

"1. Sunset-Inspired Color Palette: The choice of a muted yet vivid rainbow palette, inspired by the warm hues of sunset and Peru's Rainbow Mountain, was one of my favorite parts. This unique color scheme added a dynamic vibrancy to the shoot, especially as it plays against the natural backdrop of the Santa Barbara bluffs. It offers a fresh, romantic twist to traditional wedding colors while highlighting hues that I know will be big in 2024 and 2025 wedding color palettes. 2. Seasonal Fusion in Table Settings: The innovative blend of spring and fall motifs in the table settings is another standout detail. This creative mix symbolizes a transition between seasons, combining the freshness of spring with the warmth of fall. It challenges the norms of wedding decor, creating an inviting and enchanting atmosphere that's both familiar and novel. The light pink glassware and uniquely shaped light pink menus pop against the blue patterned china and rich hues in the floral arrangements."

Bright and Beautiful Santa Barbara Elopement

Bright and Beautiful Santa Barbara Elopement

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