Step into a garden-like ambiance at the gorgeous Paso Robles wedding venue Rava Wines decorated lavishly for Jacob and Emily's wedding day. Although the venue itself is effortlessly stunning, the vendors made their day incredibly personable and even more elaborate. I had the pleasure of interviewing the bride about their special day.

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Their Love Story

"I met Jacob my freshman year of college in San Luis Obispo, through a mutual friend that we had. Our first introduction, was none other than the farmers market, that happened every Thursday night downtown. My roommates and I, met up with Jacob and his roommates and we had a great time! We all hung out at his college house afterward, where he eventually asked me to marry me, and I didn't say no, like the first time he asked me out on a date! We became very close friends almost instantly, and felt like we had known each other our whole lives. After a few months, the encouragement of our mutual friend, and a week apart, Jacob asked me out again, and this time I said YES! We started dating on April 1st, no it wasn't a joke, and yes our anniversary is April Fools. After we started dating we became more inseparable than ever, and have loved every minute of it. Almost three years later, Jacob decided to pop the question at none other than his college house where we had first met."

The Inspiration

"When planning my wedding, I knew I wanted it to be as colorful as possible. I wanted a modern elegance, that would never fade out of style, and I wanted it to reflect Jacob and I inside and out. I have been involved in the wedding industry for a few years now, and knew that it was a priority to make sure to have a few unique touches for our guests."

Color Palette

"I think it might be easier to tell you the colors we didn't use for our wedding! Our overall color theme for the wedding was spring pastels. We told our florist to use every color she could find, that would complement the gold and white accents we used for our table settings. I knew that I wanted to make sure the reception space felt as bright, joyful and welcoming to our guests as possible."

The Details

"I was SO excited to see the transformation of each space from my head to reality, specifically with the reception space! The hanging chandeliers above the dance floor, the transformation with our ceremony florals and so much more. I think my absolute favorite part was how our florist, Sweet Memories transformed our cake table with our ceremony arch. I think there's a photo somewhere in our gallery of my reaction to seeing this for the first time, absolutely jaw dropping!"

Memorable Moments

"Jacob and I did a "first reveal" of our reception space, and I cannot recommend that enough. This was our first time alone together after the ceremony, and we wanted to share a quick private dance before mingling with our guests. I was caught speechless, the overwhelming emotions of hard work and utter happiness, as well as thankfulness to all of our vendors to make our special day better than we could have imagined!"

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planing their wedding?

"My advice would be to always trust your gut and your own opinion, it will never steer you wrong! I am a very visual person, so it was hard for me to see how everything was going to come together, and about half-way through our engagement I began to second guess our color scheme. In the end, I am SO happy I stuck with my choice and everything came together beautifully for our special day!"

Lavish Wedding at Rava Wines

Lavish Wedding at Rava Wines

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