A beautiful love story 12 years in the making turned into a charming garden wedding venue and a stunning day of devotion between Rebekah and Daniel. Surrounded by their loved ones, their day was full of incredibly sacred memories and Rebekah was dripping in elegance in her unique and beautiful wedding dress. Being a wedding planner herself, she contributed much of her heart and soul into this day which made it all the more enchanting. San Luis Obispo wedding photographer Alexandra Wallace was there to capture the sweet moments. I had the pleasure of interviewing the bride about the day.

Keep scrolling to read about their heartwarming love story and the day of details.

Their Love Story

"Our story starts in 2010, when we began attending community college in Santa Maria California, where Rebekah met Kate, Daniel's sister, and became best friends. Daniel and Rebekah would later admit in the many years of knowing and growing up with one another, they both had developed crushes on each other, but out of respect to friendship, never acted on their feelings of mutual interest and admiration. Additionally, their lives never quite intersected in the ways that would allow for a deeper relationship to flourish, such as living is different parts of the state, going to school and working full time. Fast forward to 2021, the year after the pandemic and the year where everyone was in a place of reassessing their lives and going into the future with new found confidence. In May of 2021, both Daniel and Rebekah needed to find new housing situations as well as new jobs. Daniel got accepted to join the CalFire team in Cambria and moved from Buellton to Morro Bay, CA. Within a month, of moving there, Rebekah found herself a new job and a new apartment and moved from Los Alamos to Morro Bay as well. However, neither person knew the other was in the same town until...KATE! When Rebekah called her dear friend to give her the news of having her own place and giving her a general update on life, Kate remarked the coincidence that Daniel has also just moved into the same area and encouraged Rebekah to give Daniel a call. While moving in to her Morro Bay apartment, Rebekah texted her other dear friend, but this time it was Daniel. They chuckled at the timing and excitement having a friend in town while both embarking on new journeys. Rebekah asked Daniel where he resided, wondering if he was too far away to stop by to help her lift some heavy boxes while she was moving in. He eagerly said he'd be there soon and within mere minutes of passing, Daniel knocked on the door. Rebekah was shocked and thrilled at the swiftness of his arrival. It was then that Daniel pointed up the road and said, "That's my house!", gesturing to an apartment complex that was a 30 second walk away. Later they'd confess to one another, their hearts seemed to both say the same thing in that moment: Finally, here's our chance. And now here we are: a story 12 years in the making and with more years to come."

The Inspiration

"We loved being outdoors more than anything and be both express ourselves as "old souls" and live our lives minimally but with intention. We wanted our wedding to feeling the time--timeless, old Hollywood meets backyard simple."

Color Palette

"Redwood evergreen, creamy white and daffodil gold."

The Details

"Our ring blessing was an incredibly moving and intentional part of our wedding. Its an Irish tradition where the wedding rings are passed around to every single guest gives our marriage with a prayer or a blessing. It was incredibly touching for us to see our rings, the symbol of our promises to one another, be held for a moment by each person we loved with intention. And let us emphasize, there was not a SINGLE dry eye after this portion of the ceremony. We also loved our "party favors". We killed two birds with one stone in having our guests pick a one of a kind mug to drink their wine or spirits out of for the night and take it home at the end of the event. We spent months of weekends going to vintage and antique shops looking for mugs and glasses that made us smile or reminded us if someone special. It was such a treasure to see what our loved ones picked and the laughter that ensued in our guests showing each other their mugs of choice. Not only that, we loved giving our guests a piece of memory that they could tangibly use in their lives for years to come that would remind them of their day celebrating us."

Memorable Moments

"Its difficult to chose one particular moment that was the most memorable for us. The whole day was a treasure and such a joy. I think the most notable part would be the collaboration of everyone who made the day happen being absolute friends of ours. Quite literally every "vendor" was a friend from years past to present that wanted to bless us with their gifts and who we wanted to empower with our trust and involvement in the most special day of our lives."

What was the most challenging part about planning your wedding?

"The most difficult part of our wedding was finding a venue that was affordable for our budget and our small number of guests."

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planning their wedding?

"Receive help from people who love you."

Rebekah + Daniel's Heartfelt Wedding at Dallidet Adobe

Rebekah + Daniel's Heartfelt Wedding at Dallidet Adobe

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