Let’s talk modern! This rustic and refined wedding could become the latest definition of timelessness. In a classy dress and an all-black tux, Rose and Ricardo looked so effortless every step of their wedding day. Even Rose’s bouquet - simple, rustic, and neutral dried florals were the perfect chic touch. Their magnificent San Luis Obispo wedding venue, Higuera Ranch, was filled with minimal, rustic decor while allowing the beautiful scenery to speak for itself.  

Scroll below to see Rose and Ricardo’s wedding gallery taken by California Wedding Photographer, Cole Garrett.

Their Love Story

"We met in high school-Rose's freshman year and Cardo's sophomore year. After taking some time apart while Rose attended college, we eventually found our way back to each other, and we became inseparable. We were engaged a year and a half later at Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe."

Their Wedding Inspiration

"We went for a classic timeless vibe for the wedding. A clean neutral colo pallet was a must for us."

The Details

"Our venue was incredible and the perfect backdrop. The scenery spoke for itself so we were able to go light on the decorations. Bringing both of our families together to celebrate our union."

The Color Palette

"Black, white, and different shades of tan and beige"

The Memorable Moments

"Shooting the money gun off the loft in the barn to the people dancing below haha! My dad also snuck in a well a timed joke while walking me down the aisle which resulted in a really embarrassing laugh on my part."

Their Wedding Planning Advice

"Stay true to yourself!"

Rose & Ricardo's Rustic, Refined Wedding

Rose & Ricardo's Rustic, Refined Wedding

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