Cheers to the O'Sullivans! After many years of longterm love, these two were destined to be together and their wedding day was over joyous! Brought together by friends and family, Eric and Savana tied the knot on a gorgeous day at the Pismo Beach wedding venue Thousand Hills Ranch, and every detail completely captured the couple's personality. Waco, Texas photographer The Philgreens Photographry captured each sweet moment and have a magical way of creating a vintage perspective.

I had the pleasure of hearing from the bride herself, Savana, about their love story and wedding day. Keep scrolling to see the unique and stunning details.

Their Love Story

"We met and dated for 2 years in high school then went our separate ways during college for a few years. We got back together around the time I (Savana) graduated college, and as Erik was entering his second year of school out in Reno. After 2 years of long distance, Erik moved home to the Central Coast and we got engaged a little over a year after that. He proposed on my parent's doorstep where we had our first kiss in high school. All of our family and best friends were secretly waiting inside to celebrate with us. It was perfect! *Our story is spooky similar to the song "Greatest Love Story" by LANCO so listen to that for the more eloquent synopsis*"

The Inspiration

"Our main goal for the wedding was FUN! We got married at Thousand Hills Ranch which already has a bit of a country feel so we kept the wedding style simple and a little modern to provide contrast to the pre-existing country vibes and let the natural beauty of the venue truly shine."

Color Palette

"We didn't really have definitive colors, we kept most linens and accent items off-white or champagne (the color the bridesmaids wore) and our color pops came from the florals. I showed our florist a couple of inspo pics and just let her go to town haha she was amazing and crushed it (In Full Bloom by Lex)! The main floral color palette included some peach, light blue, yellow, & white."

The Details

"We had a live band to ensure a poppin' dance floor which we were stoked about (mission accomplished). Our signature drinks were our favorite cocktails (an Old Fashioned & a Martini *dry, gin, with a twist*) which was sick. Also late night dance floor pizza, my favorite detail."

Memorable Moments

"The ceremony was perfect. We had a long time friend marry us and he did so amazing, it was so personalized and felt exactly like us. There were so many laughs and then a lot of tears when Erik made everyone go absolutely weak with his vows (classic Erik) <3 The other moment was our first dance (to Greatest Love Story). We felt so connected and present with each other and had so much fun singing and dancing to a song that has so much meaning to us. A lot of the guests joined in singing too which was so fun."

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planing their wedding?

"Coming from a non-planner, marry a man who's gonna help with the planning haha. Erik probably did more than me to be honest and it was so so helpful. It's so much work even if you're going for chill and fun vibes. And hire a planner!"

What was the most challenging part about planning your wedding?

"Initially going through vendors and trying to find ones to work within our budget."

Cheers To The O'Sullivans

Cheers To The O'Sullivans

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