Curated by Leana Myra Photography

Your wedding photographer is responsible for curating a perfect snapshot of your wedding day through a series of flat lays. Even if you aren't sure what a flat lay is, you have likely seen one!

A flat lay is one of the most popular types of wedding detail shots, and they may feature anything from wedding stationery to flower arrangements to wedding rings. In these one-of-a-kind detail shots, they should attempt to include everything unique about you and your significant other while summarizing your wedding day.

Before your special day arrives, create a list of all the keepsakes you want to incorporate into your flat lays. Then, leave it up to your photographer to design and capture the details. If you're stuck on what to tell your photographer to include in your flat lays, view the inspiration below!

Curated by Catherine Leanne Photography

1. Shoes and Accessories

Curated by Alicia Mink

2. Wedding Stationary

Curated by Jen Rodriguez Photography|

3. Floral Arrangements and Greenery

Curated by Oh Lovely Photography

4. The Vow Books

Curated by Alexandra Wallace Photographer

5. Unique Trinkets

Curated by Oh Lovely Photography

6. The Rings

Wedding Flat Lays: A Perfect Snapshot of Your Special Day

Wedding Flat Lays: A Perfect Snapshot of Your Special Day

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