With the new addition of a sparkling diamond ring to your everyday look, you will want to know how to properly take care of your engagement ring. The best way to keep your ring in tip top shape is to regularly clean it and know how to clean it.  

Since every diamond ring is unique, depending on the type of stone, the material and the setting, you should make sure you know the details about your ring before cleaning it -- If you don't know, ask a jeweler for help! 

How Often Should I Clean my Ring? 

Oil, debris, makeup, and any other common thing you come in contact with can build up from everyday wear on your ring. This will not only make it lose its shine, but can also lead to skin irritation, discoloration of the metals, or lead to your stone being scratched. With that being said, cleaning your ring once a week is enough to reduce the amount of debris. Feel free to take it to a professional ring cleaner once or twice a year to get a deep clean in as well. 

How to Clean Diamond Rings from your Home 

The best and most simple cleaner for any ring (regardless of its material) is going to be dishwashing soap.  Mix warm water with dishwashing soap and allow your ring to soak for 20 to 40 minutes. Gently brush your ring with a soft toothbrush, rinse it off, and then dry with a cotton cloth or let it air dry. 

Other Ways to Care for your Ring 

Remove your ring when putting on lotions: The oils from lotions and hand creams can build up on your ring and make it look dirty.

Remove your ring if doing anything labor intensive: If you know you are doing something labor intensive, consider removing your ring. You will want to be careful that you do not bang it on anything that could result in a scratch or a loosened stone.

Remove your ring while cooking: Similar to lotion, the oils from cooking can build a residue on your ring and cause discoloration. 

What NOT to do

If you would prefer to buy a jewelry cleaner instead, make sure you purchase one that chemical-free and will not damage your ring. Do not use any household cleaning supplies such as bleach, chlorine, and acetone -- these are abrasive and harsh which will lead to your ring being scratched or even break down the metals. 

We also recommend not using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner at home. While these may seem enticing and produce a beautiful sparkly ring post treatment, they can also be harmful and cause stones to loosen from your ring. 

How to Clean Your Diamond Rings

How to Clean Your Diamond Rings

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