Jonna and Trent's dreamy Tulare wedding was filled with blissful sunset tones and hints of sweet citrus throughout the details. Jaw-dropping florals with bright pops of color, arranged by Visalia floral designer Sweet Memories Flowers, adorned the beautiful landscape of the Tulare wedding venue Westwood Barns. From beautifully handcrafted decorations like a dried citrus chandelier, or a vibrant escort display, all of the unique and heartwarming details were captured by Fresno wedding photographer Ellie Koleen Photography.

Tell us about your love story! 

Trent and I went to high school together. We dated around 6ish years before he proposed to me at my uncle's winery in Templeton. We had just finished college (Trent at Fresno State and I was at Cal Poly) and were ready for the next stage in our lives!! Not long after we were married with so many great memories!

What was the inspiration for your design? 

The first thing that drove my design was the bridesmaids dress color. Sky blue is my absolute favorite, and everything else I choose evolved around that. Being a graphic designer and photographer, I prioritized the details and small photo spaces. I collaborated in the design of my wedding invites and created all the other print materials myself. I incorporated lots of citrus in the design because of Trent's family business and cow ear tags for the seating chart for my family's side. Everything else stemmed from those key elements!

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What details were you most excited about? 

My mom came up with this idea of mirroring my invitation shape for the seating chart. It was a family effort of cutting plywood boards, painting them and arranging all the cow tags. The end result turned out to be a unique showstopper, if I was to say.

In one of our planning meetings, I came up with the idea of creating a dried citrus chandelier. Little did I know it would take hours of drying, stringing, and tying. So much work but the end result was AMAZING!

What are some of your most memorable moments? 

I rode in an old Ford up to the ceremony with my dad, the same one my parents used on their wedding day. My dad escorted me from the car and I walked up the aisle facing the crowd rather than down. It was a funky but fun way to see everyone's reactions (including Trents) from a different perspective. Another moment was taking photos in front of our yellow scout. An old car trent and I restored for the big day. One other memorable moment was scooping doc burnsteins ice cream instead of cutting cake. Another element I loved to incorporate because I'm obsessed with ice cream and could see my wedding day without it!

Jonna and Trent's Vibrant Summer Wedding

Jonna and Trent's Vibrant Summer Wedding

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