If dancing under twinkly lights and pine trees with the love of your life is any indication of a perfect night, Jeremy and Rebekah have exceeded all expectations in gorgeous outdoor weddings. Located at the stunning San Luis Obispo wedding venue See Canyon Fruit Ranch, the couple had a night full of love captured by the talented San Luis Obispo photographer Alexandra Wallace. I had the pleasure of interviewing the bride about the big day.

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Their Love Story

"Jeremy and I first met in January 2021. Our paths crossed a couple times through mutual friends get togethers. A few weeks later we both happened to be on Bumble and it was a match. Our first date was a local hike, and for the next month we continued to hang out and adventure before making it official in March. We had an amazing three months of dating, both living in San Luis Obispo, and falling in love before Jeremy had to move away for work. He lived in Ridgecrest for 6 months, and then L.A. for another 6. Long distance was tough, but we still managed to see each other often. In June 2022, Jeremy, me, and my family made plans to hike Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. I had already hiked Half Dome twice before, and Yosemite is a special place to me. I was convinced getting engaged was at least a couple months down the line, but what I didn't know was Jeremy had picked up a ring just days before our trip and was ready to propose on our hike. When we finally made it to the top, Jeremy got down on one knee and proposed. Now Yosemite is that much more special to us. Shortly after Jeremy moved back to San Luis Obispo. We were so happy not to be long distance anymore and we spent the next 9 months planning our wedding before getting married in April 2023."

The Inspiration

"For my wedding, I incorporated boho themes, nature, and warm, natural colors and designs. As someone who works as a designer, I was all about the details and making everything cohesive. These are themes I am naturally drawn to both in my work and in my home, so it was an easy choice to them translate that to my wedding. Some of my favorite ways I incorporated the theme were using a lot of arches throughout for decor and signage, thrifting all of our plates, wine glasses, and water glasses to be similar but slightly mismatched, and collecting plant propagations to use for table decor and guest favors."

Color Palette

"I went with a terracotta and sage color palette to match the natural/boho theme."

The Details

"One details as I already mentioned above was thrifting all of our dinnerware. I love thrifting and while it was quite a challenge that took several months to collect over a 100 plates, water glasses, and wine glasses, it was so worth it to me and it added so much unique detail to our table settings. Another detail I was very excited for was our photo backdrops. Jeremy and I made these together - him cutting them into an arch and creating their stands and me designing and painting them. It was so cool seeing everyone taking photos in front of them and extra special that we had made them together. Jeremy and I loved doing this so much we actually started our own business called Tennfold to do this for other weddings and events."

Memorable Moments

"Our first dance was a memorable moment for me. We both do West Coast Swing dancing, so we spent a couple months taking lessons to choreograph our first dance. It was special to incorporate a shared hobby of ours into our wedding and get to show off a little bit! Another moment that stuck out to me was our first look. I really wanted to see each other before the ceremony and we also took that time to read letters to each other. It was so sweet and a great way to center ourselves and focus just on each other after a busy morning of getting ready and before going into the ceremony."

Knowing what you know now... what advice would you have for other brides planing their wedding?

"Try not to get too stressed about the details! I tend to be very detail oriented so I would get very caught up in the smallest things. But I can guarantee you that the day that things won't be absolutely perfect or how you planned. But the thing is you either won't notice or won't even care. You will be way more focused on your person than anything else."

Springtime Wedding at See Canyon Fruit Ranch

Springtime Wedding at See Canyon Fruit Ranch

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