"In the heart of Santa Ynez Valley is Rancho Vino Nuevo, where the sun-kissed rolling hills meet California Vineyards, a perfect venue where couples can dream their perfect wedding with an ideal backdrop in Central California. With a theme that effortlessly blends modern aesthetics with the raw beauty of the outdoors, this dreamy-styled shoot celebrates love in all its organic splendor. Join us as we embark on a romantic journey filled with breathtaking bridal details and a venue that boasts stunning panoramic views that feature this new wedding venue, Rancho Vino Nuevo."

Keep scrolling to read about the incredible details of the day by Mackenzie Rana with Mackenzie Rana Photography.

The Vision

"The vision was to embrace the Rancho Vino Nuevo views and embrace the rustic vibe and elevate it beyond to an organic modern design."

The Details

"The bride, the epitome of modern elegance, was adorned in a minimalist yet striking gown that perfectly complemented the organic surroundings. Its flowing silhouette and subtle beaded veil mirrored the natural landscape, while the daring open back and flowing train added an unexpected twist of contemporary charm.

Her radiant smile and soft curls, adorned with a delicate veil, showcased the beauty of embracing one's true self on this momentous day. With the sun casting a golden glow, the bride's aura seemed to transcend the ordinary, transforming her into an elegant modern vision."

Behind The Design

"Rose with Rose To The Occasion Events was the mastermind behind the design and planning for the day. Taking rustic and transforming it into a organic modern design was the goal throughout this entire shoot. Embracing the views and bold pops of color danced throughout the shoot, mirroring the hues found in nature's palette. A vibrant bouquet of flowers burst forth in a harmonious symphony of pinks, oranges, and yellows, reflecting the sun's warm embrace. Soft pastel accents adorned the reception tables, showcasing a fusion of modern chic and timeless elegance.

Floral Tip from Roam: If you're looking to add a touch of Santa Barbara couples can achieve the bold color that boudainvillea has to offer by opting in for silk/faux floral. 

The culinary artistry that graced the tables featured delectable delights inspired by the bountiful beauty of the outdoors. Richly colored plated meal, vibrant adornments, and decadent desserts created an atmosphere of indulgence and celebration, further highlighting the joy of love's union.

In this palette rich in color and modern elegance, nature played the role of an enchanting muse, setting the stage for a romantic and dreamy celebration of love. Against a backdrop of stunning views and vibrant colors, the organic beauty of the world merged effortlessly with modern elegance, creating an experience like no other. This styled shoot serves as an inspiration from the world around us, making it a masterpiece to cherish for all time."

Styled Shoot at Rancho Vino Nuevo

Styled Shoot at Rancho Vino Nuevo

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