Step into a world where love meets artistry and every frame narrates a timeless saga. Meet Tessa Tadlock, a maestro of cinematic wedding photography and wedding dress design. In this exclusive interview, we unveil the secrets behind Tessa's lens, exploring the enchanting realm where love and emotional photography intertwine. Get ready to be mesmerized as we embark on a journey through the lens of a true visionary!

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What inspired you to specialize in wedding photography?

"I love, love!!! I've always been obsessed with romance movies and books, and this job makes me feel like I'm living inside of one. It's so fun for me to get to see how different couples are in their relationships! My psychology loving self is so fascinated."

How would you describe your photography style?

"Emotive photos that feel like art! Cinematic & filmy vibes."

Can you share a memorable moment from a wedding you've photographed?

"Once a groomsman lost the bride's engagement ring, he dropped it in the grass somewhere and they couldn't find it for the ceremony, the bride and groom were just laughing about it and I thought wow these are the coolest people ever."

How do you ensure your photographs capture the emotions of the day?

"By being really good at my job! I don't know how else to say it. I sat on this question for awhile but I think it's so comprehensive. I think my creativity in how I compose my photos helps capture the emotion, I think how I edit and crop my photos helps capture the emotion, I think know where to be during a ceremony helps me capture the emotion, I think the way I direct and pose my couples for portraits really helps capture the emotion. It's so many things, it's every part of what I do!"

What sets your approach to wedding photography apart from others?

"The way I direct/ pose my clients! I'm for the couples who want photos that look candid but are actually directed so you never feel awkward!  I don't just document moments, I create them!"

What advice do you have for couples when selecting a wedding photographer?

"Make sure their shooting style fits with what you're looking for! For example, do you want a photographer who is going to help direct you with how to pose or do you want a photographer who is 100% hands off?"

How do you handle unexpected challenges during a wedding?

"Going with the flow is my #1 rule. Something always goes wrong at a wedding. ALWAYS. And after having a wedding myself I now truly get how hard it is not to get stressed, since you've put so much into creating this day! But as a photographer I will always stay calm, positive and happy. I'm always reminding my clients that it is ok, no matter what's going on, that we'll be good and make it work and enjoy it along the way."

Can you offer tips for couples to feel comfortable in front of the camera?

"Find a photographer who you vibe with & trust them!"

What do you enjoy most about being a wedding photographer?

"Directing is my favorite part! Getting to create art."

Unveiling Love's Cinematic Tale Featuring Tessa Tadlock Photography

Unveiling Love's Cinematic Tale Featuring Tessa Tadlock Photography

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