Time to kiss 2022 trends goodbye! Wedding trends are constantly evolving, and we are excited to retire the old and leave room for the new, exciting trends that are coming to the industry! We have done our research and discovered what some of the best wedding planner's takes are on what's going out of style and what we should leave in 2022.

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Wedding Guest Goodie Bags

It's always lovely to get your guests something special for coming to celebrate your special day. However, there's no reason to go overboard. It can be stressful, time consuming and expensive. The delicious catering, memorable dance party and beautiful day is perfect enough to offer something simple for them to have on hand to remember the day.

His and Hers Wedding Gifts

Unless this is specifically in their wedding registry or you are close enough with them to understand their personality, we've learned that some couples would prefer things that are not designed with his and hers sayings. This popular gift could lead to too many household items with the same saying and can lose the romantic touch.

Muted Colors

This depends on your taste, really! However when it comes to yearly trends, we have seen the muted and neutral color tones fading and couples adding more vibrant and colorful design to their event.

Basic Signage

This could be controversial, however we have seen less usage of chalkboard and basic signage and see that being something left in 2022. There are so many new creative designs in signage that it simply makes sense to retire the simplistic look.

Monogrammed Dance Floors

It's elegant, it's customizable and it's memorable. However, there are fun and funky dance floors in our future that could surpass this statement dance floor.

Wedding Trends That We Are Leaving In 2022

Wedding Trends That We Are Leaving In 2022

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