Event planners are the architects of unforgettable moments. In this blog series, you meet our newest member, San Luis Obispo event planners Collective Event Co.! Explore the secrets behind seamless execution, innovative strategies, and the passionate professionals who bring visions to life. We had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa with Collective Event Co. about the process of wedding planning and design. Join us as we uncover the artistry and magic that define the essence of event planning.

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Can you share your experience in wedding planning?

"It all started in the hill country of Texas over a decade ago, where I was working at beautiful Texas winery. It was built to look like an Italian villa surrounded by oak trees and vineyards. A perfect setting for a wedding. I started helping with the weddings and events at the winery, and I was hooked. I'm a hopeless romantic, with a creative side, and a need to plan, so the role of Wedding Planner fit perfectly. I truly enjoy making my clients wedding special, seamless, and unique to them. I started Collective Events a few years ago when I finally got the courage to go out on my own. I had no idea whether anyone would want to book Collective Events because we were a newer company, but within the first year over 20 brides trusted us with their big day. My clients became friends, and I was so honored to be on this beautiful journey with them helping them plan every detail from the choosing their venue down to the custom one-eyed cat napkins that one of my brides really wanted because her one-eyed cat couldn't attend the wedding. I'm so proud of the work I do, and honored to be a part of so many couples life changing day!"

How do you understand and incorporate a couple's vision for their wedding day?

"Step 1. We listen and encourage our couples. I always tell couples its what YOU want!

Step 2. We start planning by asking our couples what are the most important things you want at your wedding? For example, maybe having amazing food, or we must have a live band, or we really want R2D2 to be the ring bearer (yes, that was a real request - and I loved it!) We take all the must haves, and unique request and we create a Wedding Mood Board for our clients, so they can see the aesthetics, and get a real feel of how the wedding will look. Logistics play a role in understanding what is actually possibly as well. For example, maybe it's out of budget to get a working R2D2 robot ring bearer to travel to the San Luis Obispo for the day, but it is within budget to get a chewbacca impersonator to play ring bearer.

Step 3. When the day finally comes, it is truly magical when everything falls into place to make a one of kind wedding that represents their love and lives they are building together."

What strategies do you use to handle unexpected challenges during events?

"Oh, bring it on! We are ready for it! We are planners, so naturally we plan for disasters, and know that the day will go not 100% to plan. There always has to be a backup plan for a backup plan in my opinion, and the key is to remain calm, logical, and only tell the bride and groom if you absolutely need to. It helps to have contacts in the industry in case the glassware didn't show up or the caterers bailed (yes, this has happened!). We can fix almost any problem that arises, that's a big part of our job!"

How do you prioritize tasks when managing multiple weddings simultaneously?

"We use tools such as Aisle planner, and Honeybook to assist us in the planning process. We have created an order of events and a checklist that is assigned to the client and planner for each wedding we have, so we know exactly where we should be in the planning process at any given time. We also set notifications and calendar reminders for the big ones such as payments due to vendors, meetings, or guest counts due."

How do you ensure effective communication with vendors and clients?

"With our clients we set up calls usually over zoom or in-person to go over details in the planning process. They have my cell phone number and email so they know that they can get ahold of me if anything urgent or questions arise. We also use Aisle Planner to assist us with wedding details such as timelines, layouts, contracts, checklists, and budgets, and clients can sign into to their account and view or edit all of that information as well. With vendors, we try to always include the client so emails work best to ensure that details are relayed and in writing."

What do you believe are the key elements for creating a memorable wedding experience?

"When your guests look back at your wedding think about the top things you want them to remember. Typically, its food, dancing, guest list, and overall experience a the wedding. Make those items your top priorities when hiring your vendors and planning your day. It helps to think from a guests point of view!

One more way to make your wedding memorable is by sharing your love story within the details of your wedding. Think of ways that you can personalize your wedding. It doesn't have to be anything huge or expensive, it could be just personalized signs, or photos. We had one couple who loved to travel together, and they named all their tables after the places they had been with a photo of them at that place. Another couple from Columbia wanted to share their heritage, and hired Columbian dancers to entertain guests after dinner. Personalization and Guest experience are key!"

Can you describe a particularly challenging wedding you've planned and how you overcame obstacles?

"Each wedding comes with different challenges, but the biggest challenge I have been faced with was when the caterer backed out of the wedding weeks before. We scrambled to find new catering options for our clients and luckily we were able to find an amazing caterer with an even better menu than the one they had previously hired. In the end, it all worked out but for those two weeks leading up to the wedding it was extremely stressful."

. How do you stay updated with industry trends and what do you predict for 2024?

"Honestly, social media is the easiest way for me to stay up to date with different industry trends. 2024 is all about color! I love a good neutral pallet, but I think our clients are looking for fun pops of color!"

What sets you apart from other wedding planners?

"My passion for an excellent client and guest experience. I think there are a lot of amazing wedding designers out there that care more about the photo, or aesthetic of the wedding over the guest's experience. Although, I believe the aesthetic, vibe, and décor are VERY important to the overall feel, and mood of the wedding; ensuring the overall client and guest experience takes priority on my list. This includes the aesthetics, and also the flow of events, and the ability to fix the mood if something feels off, or too slow, or too fast. Bring able to truly think about the guests experience from arrival to the hotel, getting to the venue, or to the table for dinner. We think about how all the puzzle pieces logistically and realistically fit together to ensure the best possible experience for our clients, their families, and guests."

What do you love about what you do?

"Few things bring me as much joy as crafting a magical wedding day. There's something special about curating love stories, even if it's just for a day. Through my job, I witness countless magical moments--from the groom's first glance at his bride to the tender exchanges between family members.Thanks to my job, I get to experience more wedding days than most people, and to me they each contain so much magic."

Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks featuring the Collective Event Co.

Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks featuring the Collective Event Co.

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